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Author Barbara Acheampong has always had a strong connection to Ghana. Although born there, she was raised in the UK where she lived with her parents and younger siblings.

Even though living in the UK, she was still growing up in a very Ghanaian household. Her parents ensured that all their children knew where they were from and could not only understand, but speak their mother tongue, Twi which is one of the many dialects spoken in Ghana. When at home they always communicated in Twi, something her father especially insisted on, as he explained that no matter where they were in the the world, language rooted them to their identity and heritage.

Sadly in 2019, Barbara’s father passed away and even after more than forty years in the UK, he was still a proud Ghanaian man. The gift of language he had given to her, which she was starting to teach her own daughter, inspired her to create a series of books to introduce children to the wonderful, vibrant languages of Ghana.
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Barbara is committed to teaching the next generation and is passionate about what she does. Feel free to get in touch with her by mail and she will be available to have a conversation with you.