“Learning my native language is the key to unlocking the beauty that lies within me.”

– Barbara Acheampong, Author

Welcome to Pookie Dumplings Books

We are an exciting new platform exploring the richness of Ghanaian language. We aim to introduce young readers to a vibrant exploration into language as well as the beautiful culture of Ghana.

Our mission is to help preserve our culture by making it accessible in a beautiful format for future generations. 

Fun and easy to read

Our books are designed to create a fun and easy way of helping children to learn.

Build identity and learn culture

Our books are designed to help build identity through the sharing of culture.

We are committed to teaching the next generation!

“A child learns what they hear and see… Let them hear and see the beauty of your native language”

– Barbara Acheampong, Author

We love to see you smile

Our Books

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Days and Names of the week in Twi

This beautifully illustrated book is an enjoyable way for your child to learn the days of the week in Twi whilst also discovering their Asante Twi name.

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123 counting in Twi

123 counting in Twi is a fun introduction to learning Twi accompanied by colourful illustrations


This beautifully illustrated book is an enjoyable way for your child to learn the Asante Twi alphabet.

Recent Reviews

A very well illustrated Twi book for kids, my children loves it because they are very colourful, and the words are spelt correctly with the sounds provided. Weldone for helping our kids learn Twi in the most fun ways.
Gifty Osafo
123 Counting In Twi
I read this with my younger siblings and it makes learning Twi really fun yet easy. Perfect for children (and adults) wanting to learn Twi and a great way to get the conversation started with children about culture, their roots etc. I’m very pleased with this book.
123 Counting In Twi
It’s great to have a product out there like this. The book is simple and beautifully illustrated. I love the colours and would definitely recommend. I also think it’s great that the phonic spelling is added for ease of pronunciation.
123 Counting In Twi
This book is so rich in culture and is a beautifully illustrated read for children and adults. I am not from Ghana myself; however I acknowledge my original heritage and decent and this book provides itself as an excellent tool to nurture the foundation of Ghanian speech and language in Twi. It’s been a focal point in opening conversations and learning around black history for me and my nieces. Thank you Pookie Dumpling books. Xx
123 Counting In Twi
What an amazing book! The illustrations are stunning and even though designed for children I loved learning Twi too! I really enjoyed reading this with my niece and it’s now one of her favourite books. Please bring out some more, I’ve been searching for a book like this forever. Highly recommend, thank you!
123 Counting In Twi
So impressed with this book and all the lovely illustrations. As someone with part Ghanaian heritage, this book makes learning Twi easy and fun for both adults and children, would love to see more books in the future. 100% recommend!
123 Counting In Twi

Recent Reviews

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  1. JS

    A great shopping experience, efficient and a lovely book!

  2. A

    Great book! Definitely helps with reading time at summer school in Ankoma, Ghana!

  3. M

    Beautiful books! Really pleased – will be buying more as gifts. Thank you so much!

  4. T

    I came across these amazing books in a shop in east London and have not looked back since! The way the author simplifies information for children has been remarkable! Thank you.

  5. A

    Wow, what an exceptional book. Loved reading this with my niece and discovering her (and my) Akan name. This is a bit more advanced than 123 Counting in Twi and even though it’s a children’s book I really feel it’s aiding my Twi learning too. The break down for pronunciation is so good and easy to understand. Stunning illustrations too! These are such excellent books.
    Can’t wait for the next one!